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Why BrightPIP?

BrightPIP’s vision is to change the future for vulnerable babies, one baby at a time in Brighton and Hove.  We want every baby in our community to grow up feeling safe, secure and loved.  Our mission is to intervene at the earliest time with families to support parents to have positive relationships with their children.  We intend to ensure parent-infant psychological therapy (PIP) is freely available to all families in Brighton and Hove who need it.  BrightPIP is a registered charity (RCN 1177084).

Human babies are unique in the extent of their underdevelopment at birth. The brain is only partially formed when a baby is born.  By the age of one, it has grown to roughly 70% of its final mass and by the age of three, to 90%.  Research shows that the first few years of an infant’s life are a crucial period.  The brain is so easily shaped by its environment that early experiences have life-long consequences.


Dr Kerry Taylor – BSc, PG dip. DClinPsy, C.Psychol

BrightPIP was founded by Dr Kerry Taylor, a Clinical Psychologist, specialising in parent-infant mental health, parenting and parent-child attachment.  Kerry is registered with the Health Care Professions Council (membership number PYL 25557) and chartered with the British Psychological Society, Division of Clinical Psychology and Perinatal Special Interest Group (membership number 093121).

Kerry worked for several years as a highly specialist Parent-Infant Clinical Psychologist for the NHS. Kerry’s specific qualifications and experience allow her to offer sensitive and very effective support to troubled families. You can view Dr Kerry Taylor’s LinkedIn profile here.

As a parent and as a clinician, I passionately believe that parents need to be cherished as they embark on the most vital task on earth; pregnancy, birth and the first years of caring for a tiny person who needs constant love and care.  This is hard for all of us and I empathise with the parents who come into my care and would never judge them or jump to conclusions.  I invite them to share their experiences and I listen.  My training and experience mean that I have the honour of working alongside them at this important time.  To understand and to move forward, to make things right – to help them reconnect.

-Dr Kerry Taylor


Sally Cranfield IPTI (ITEC qualified) MofGSD, Embody CThA approved & IPTI validated teacher training course provider

Sally is one of the most experienced infant massage teacher trainers in the country. A qualified massage practitioner, she began teaching parents and carers how to massage their babies in 1991. She started running teacher training courses for professional health workers and bodywork practitioners in 2002. Since then she has provided in-house training for hundreds of NHS and Children’s Centre staff across England. Sally has a long-standing partnership with Surrey CAMHS Perinatal Infant Mental Health programme. Based in Brighton, she has trained staff at Children’s Centres across the city and East Sussex. She helped develop the published infant massage guidelines for East Sussex.

Enhancing attachment and bonding between babies and their parents through caring, nurturing touch is the foundation of her training courses.


Dr Jenny King, HCPC Registered Clinical Psychologist, CPsychol, Psych D, BSc (Hons)

Jenny King is a Clinical Psychologist & has worked in both mental health and physical health services developing an interest & experience in trauma, including working with women experiencing symptoms related to a difficult or traumatic pregnancy or birth experience.  Jenny is trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) & is an Eye Movement De-sensitisation and Re-Processing (EMDR) Europe Approved Practitioner. She is qualified to offer interventions recommended by NICE for women with symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression or anxiety.




Ali Edwards, Referral & Assessment Coordinator and Antenatal Programme Developer

Ali Edwards is our Referral & Assessment Coordinator & Antenatal Programme Developer. She has a background in Law and is training in Person Centred Counselling. Ali’s additional training includes Mellow Bumps, an antenatal provision designed specifically to support women with additional health and emotional needs. She trained as a Video Interactive Guider (VIG) at the Tavistock Clinic and is qualified to evaluate parental behaviour through observational assessment using the Keys to Interactive Parenting Scale (KIPS). She has a particular research interest in Health Psychology & provides liaison with agencies who refer to BrightPIP.





Jo Collinson, Psychoanalytic Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist

Jo Collinson is a Psychoanalytic Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist.  She trained at the Tavistock Clinic & works part time in the NHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS). Her work has included both community and inpatient services.







Kirsten Francis, Nursing (Child) BSc (Hons) Specialist Community Public Health Nurse & Health Visitor

Kirsten Francis. Nursing (child) BSc (Hons) Specialist community public health nurse & Health Visitor with experience in neonatal intensive care. Kit completed the Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) programme & worked as a family nurse in Brighton. She continues her passion to support infant mental health & attachment through early intervention by helping parents to improve outcomes for children. She has a particular interest in parent – infant observations & developmental psychology. Kit’s additional training includes Watch, Wait & Wonder, KIPS & Mellow Bumps, Stage 2 VIG guider & Anna Freud ITSIEY Module.