Brighton Parent Infant Psychological Therapy


What parents have to say about working with BrightPIP

“I was struggling to manage life with an energetic and demanding toddler.  I had become increasingly frustrated that all my efforts to improve our relationship seemed to fail.  I felt quite hopeless and disappointed that I couldn’t enjoy being a mum.

The sessions with Kerry were incredibly helpful. She was quickly able to identify issues that were significant to us.  A variety of techniques were used to help and support me in working though these; sometimes talking though day-to-day difficulties with practical advice and sometimes more cognitive behavioural techniques.  Kerry helped me make links between my son’s behaviour and my own and the effect that some of my more deeply held beliefs were having on the dynamics of our relationship. This was interwoven with an increased understanding of my son’s own unique personality as well as the impact of his developmental stage.

Week by week things improved for us – it felt miraculous and was a huge relief. Life was transformed from an exhausting challenge to being thoroughly enjoyable and manageable.  Along with a greater understanding of myself, I now have a selection of practical techniques that I know I will be able to use again in the future if I have any difficulties.

I cannot thank Kerry enough. She has been very empathetic and understanding. Her great experience in working with parents and young children is evident.  I had done a lot of research trying to find the right person to help me with these issues and after studying many CVs, I found Kerry. I made a fantastic decision in working with Kerry and would not hesitate to recommend her to any mum (or dad) in distress!”
– Mother of 14 month old.

“Kerry’s advice and support has helped me tremendously through various stages of parenting my three children.  I am a better parent with happier children because of the time I spent with her.”
– Parent of 3 year old and 10 month old twins.

“I would like to take this opportunity to really thank you, Kerry, as I have used your ‘methods’ in many daily events.  To this day I really believe you made a wonderful contribution to helping me through a challenging period.  (My son) is wonderful and a joy in my life, a reason to be 100% happy.”
– Single Mother of 1 year old.


What health professionals have to say about Attachment Training led by Dr Kerry Taylor

“Very interesting and informative.  Attachment is a very big area but this day covered some important issues.  (The facilitator) was very knowledgeable and a good communicator.”
Johanna – Health Visitor

“Essential stuff for all of the under 5’s team. (The facilitators) were knowledgeable, friendly, approachable and able to answer all questions!  A very useful session – it increased my knowledge and confidence in this area.  Many thanks.”
Hung – Health Visitor

“Good training, good content, a well thought out programme.”
Victoria – Paediatric Nurse

“A good mixture of theory and practice. (The facilitators) were relaxed and approachable.”
Duncan – Health Visitor

“Clear and made it easy to contribute.”
Rina – Early Years Visitor

“Passionate and inspiring.”
Jonathan – Health Visitor

“Very good and enjoyable. You felt confident that you could discuss and be open about your feelings/opinions. (The facilitators) were very knowledgeable and had a relaxed way of facilitating.”
Hortense – Health Visitor

“All Health Visitors and Early Years Visitors should have the opportunity to attend this course.”
Jacqui – Health Visitor